Friday, September 18, 2015

I have a problem. It's not a serious problem, but maybe an embarrassing one. haha! I love office supplies. Paper, pens, paper clips, planners, anything that's personalized and can be used for organization. I want everything! So when I found this deal to Save on Soft Grip Promotional Pens | PenFactory, I jumped at the chance. I ordered some for myself, and I also ordered some for my daughter. She started school recently, so I thought some cool new pens might be nice for her. Since the deal was so good, I ordered some for our upcoming wedding. Just to hand out as favors, and one to use to sign the guestbook. I thought that might be a nice touch. Anyways, if you like pens and office supplies as much as I do, you know you can't pass up a good deal to stock up. Now I just need to find a deal on a good planner for next year. Yes, I'm already looking for one and it's only September. I told you I had a problem! haha!

I hate to say it, and I really hate to think about it, but Christmas will be here before we know it. I am starting to think about what we will be buying this year. So far I am pretty sure that the big present for the kids will be a Wii U system. They both have played Wii before and loved it, and we both love the Wii, so it would be a great present that the whole family will enjoy. As for the rest of the presents, I think I will be following the "Something you need, something you wear, something you want, and something you read" rule. I always end up buying a ton of toys that only get played with for a week and then tossed aside. So no more... we will be following the rule. Do you follow this rule? How does it work for you?

So, as I have previously mentioned, I'm getting married next month!! I'm super excited and also completely overwhelmed with all the wedding details. There is so much to do for a wedding. All the little details are what are most important to me. I love details. I want people to see something and go....."wow! that's so neat that they thought to do that!".  For example, I found this place on line at - pilsner glasses - custom printed  that offers custom glass printing. You can personalize it however you want, and even add your own artwork! How cool is that?! So I ordered custom glasses for the wedding. They'll have our names and wedding date on it, and also a little picture. I won't say what the picture is, in case anyone attending the wedding reads this. I can't give away all my surprises. haha! I hope everyone loves them, and it will be a nice little memento for them to take home at the end of the night! Ok, well I'm off to plan more stuff! So much to do!

Well, I haven't been around in a little while, but rest assured I am still alive and kicking! I've just been extreeeemely busy. Not only was summer vacation hectic, but then school started and homework and everything that goes with that has been crazy. Oh, I also forgot to mention I'm getting married next month and moving in one week!  Ahhhhh! I highly do NOT RECOMMEND doing these two things together. It has been absolutely insane! hahaha! Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here and hopefully will be posting more soon! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tomorrow is my birthday! I will be 36 years old, which is closer to 40 than it is 30, so I'm not looking forward to it. lol! I'm trying to avoid thinking about it by doing a little shopping of my own. My friend is having a birthday next week, so I've been looking online for something that I can have delivered really quick, because his party is weekend after next. I think I'm going to get him some kerly guitar strings. He's a musician, and I know he mentioned that he needed a new pair. I try to keep mental notes of the things people mention they need, especially around birthdays and Christmas.  I always get high praise for having very thoughtful gifts, but really all I do is listen and jot things down. lol! Hopefully my friend likes his gift, and hopefully my birthday tomorrow is a nice one.

School is almost out for the summer. We have about 3 weeks left, and they are going to be pretty busy. There are several school functions to go to, and there is also 3 field trips in the next 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to summer, but I'm definitely not looking forward to the next few weeks. And to be honest, I'll be retracting that statement about summer when it actually gets here. haha! Once they are home all day, every day. ...I'll be praying for the school year to start. I'm sure I'm not alone on that one! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Since, spring has finally arrived I decided to do a little spring cleaning. I hauled some stuff out of our spare room, including my sister's yamaha ypp 200 keyboard that she gave me last year. I stuck it in there with the intention of making taking lessons eventually, but of course that never happened. Now that I cleaned the room up a little, and am not embarrassed to have people over, maybe I'll see if I can get someone to come over and teach me how to play. That would be fun. And if I can learn how to play, then I can teach my kids the basics, which should save a little money on lessons! Can't beat learning knew things and saving money!

Spring is finally here and I am LOVING IT! Then snow is melting and its starting to warm up outside. We're only getting into the forties lately, but this weekend is supposed to warm up to the sixties. That is going to be glorious!!

The kids are outside playing more, which means they're not in my hair all the time anymore, and they're running most of their energy off. It's a win win situation really. The only drawback is that we have kids knocking on the door every 5 minutes now. I 'll gladly take that over snow though. lol.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Do you ever think back to your childhood and just smile? I did that this morning. I was sitting here looking out the window at all the snow, wishing it was summer, and a memory popped in my head.
As a girl, I didn't see my dad very often, but when I did see him it always involved going down to the lake and fishing. I wasn't very good at it, but I always had fun. My dad loved fly fishing, something that was passed down to him from his father. I think he tried his hardest to pass it down to me, and maybe he did a little. I can't say I love fishing, or do it often, but I certainly can appreciate the joy of fly fishing. It is relaxing being on the water, and I think that's what my dad enjoyed most about it. I'm sure he quietly enjoyed my squeamish squeals as he pulled the hook out of my fish as well. I can still see him smiling and laughing about it.

As I sat here thinking about that this morning, I realized I have two small children that have never really experienced that. That needs to change! I went online and found some beginner fly fishing gear at AvidMax Outfitters, and I am committing to taking them this summer. Obviously, we have to wait until the snow goes away and it warms up, but after that we are for sure going. I can't wait to see the contorted faces of my children, while I smile sweetly at them.

My dad has since passed away, but I hope he can look down and know that all the time he spent fishing with me was appreciated. Those are moments that will be cherished forever, and I hope my children someday share that moment with their children.

It is the beginning of March, and let me tell you... I am ready for spring. The last month has been absolutely horrible with the below zero temps, and I am soooo beyond done with winter. I cannot wait for it to start warming up. Lucky for me, that is going to be next week! I was looking at the weather forecast and next has 40 degree temps! That is going to be beyond wonderful. As it is now, when it warms up to 15 degrees we think it's "warm" outside. So, 40 degrees is going to be t-shirt weather. lol! I can't wait!